Creating Your Perfect Wedding Cake: The Power of Clear Communication

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and your wedding cake is a centerpiece of your celebration. With so many options and variations, creating the perfect wedding cake can be a daunting task. However, with clear communication, you can ensure that your dream cake becomes a reality.

why share your vision with cakey cakes?


I keep things simple by showing you how I'd tell your story with cake-through design boards, inspirational images and straightforward pricing options.

a memorable celebration

Because your story is unique, friends and family will share the experience of the celebration. From the design of your choice, the flavours and its style.


Tell me your vision so I can organise the logistics of delivery, set up and instructions for the event coordinators when it comes to serving the cake.

wedding moodboard perth

Let's get started

1. Share Your Vision and Theme

Using photos are much easier to show than describing them. I invite you to share your vision, style, and theme. A simple screen shot of your pinterest board (like the image shown) is a great way to show me the style you have in mind. Whether it's a romantic garden wedding, a modern and sleek affair, or a whimsical fairytale, I will translate your ideas into a visually stunning and delicious masterpiece.

2. Personalisation and Inclusivity

Share your story in 2-3 sentences. How you met, your hobbies and your favourite cake flavours. Tying in the details will allow your guests to share a meaningful experience that's unique to your story.

3. The Reception Venue

The venue plays a significant role in the cake design process. If your venue is at a winery, then ruffled buttercream with dusty pink and creamy white roses would complement the luxurious wooden interiors. Your input is invaluable, and by collaborating on these details, we will craft a cake that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

4. Budget-Friendly Solutions

I understand that weddings involve budget considerations. Rest assured that I am here to provide creative and budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or beauty. By openly discussing your budget, we can explore design options, flavours, and decorations that fit your financial plan, ensuring you have a stunning cake that delights your taste buds and your wallet.

5. Stress-Free Planning

Wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming, but I am here to make the cake planning process stress-free and enjoyable for you and your partner. As your dedicated cake designer, I will provide expert guidance, answer your questions, and offer professional advice every step of the way. Let's turn this aspect of your wedding planning into a delightful and seamless experience.

By prioritising clear communication, we can create a wedding cake that reflects your personality, style, and tastes. The key is to be clear and concise about the idea. Keep it simple, and I can guide you along the way. It sounds like homework, so I've kept it simple to understand what you have in mind. But! I promise it's a feeling like no other the moment your vision is brought to life!

Are you're ready to talk about your dream cake?