How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost?

Planning a wedding involves anticipating the elegant addition of a wedding cake. It's different from getting a small birthday cake, which you can order and pick up on the way to the party.

Wedding cakes pose unique challenges as they must travel well and be displayed for a few hours before cutting. Coping with tall cakes and hot weather can be particularly challenging. So, how much does a wedding cake cost in Australia? Simply put, the cost varies a lot.

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According to Easy Weddings, Australians, on average, spend $577 on a wedding cake; however, this average can be misleading. The price of a cake ranges between $380 and $1000 for a wedding with 100 guests.

44% of couples choose the cake as the main dessert for the event, making it a more significant part of the reception.

The cost of a wedding cake can often surprise couples- it's natural only to see the cake but not to anticipate other costs such as customisations, set up and delivery. This guide provides insight into wedding cake pricing and helps you make informed decisions.

Source: Easy Weddings | Photo: Dragonfly Cakes

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The importance of the cake

The wedding cake is a symbol of celebration and love. Being one of the most photographed styling elements, it's a monumental centrepiece your guests can share the joy of and leaves a long-lasting memory of the big day.

Just as wedding fashion has evolved, cakes are still essential to weddings. They can be simple or traditional and elaborate, depending on your preferences. What makes them unique is based on your personal touch and flavours for the cake.

Beyond appearances, obtaining the perfect cake entails more than meets the eye. During your wedding preparations, remember: a wedding cake isn't just dessert, but it celebrates your extraordinary love story.

Is getting a professional for your Wedding Cake worth the cost?

According to the 2023 Easy Weddings Survey, ”Two-thirds of couples choosing to include a cake entrust a professional cake maker to create a delicious and attractive cake.” Contrary to belief, you don't need a towering wedding cake. You can certainly choose a single tier from the collection.

When you're turning to a professional to make your cake for you, here's why it's important:

The cakes are designed to stand safely on display for hours

Whether it's for a single tier, two-tier and taller, cakes designed for events and weddings are designed and structured to be on display for 4-6 hours. Premium quality flowers and ingredients are a must for perfection. The taller the cakes and the hotter the weather, the more challenges are faced.


To avoid getting abused on the roads and the stresses of turning corners, leave this one to the professionals. Onsite touch-ups are done to complete the look of the cake.

Detailed planning

Is the wedding during hot temperatures and/or outdoors?

Planning starts from the recommended flavours, time of delivery and when to serve the cake. I organise and handover to the events manager and kitchen staff so the day goes smoothly.

Expertise and Experience

Having the skills to execute the designs is a factor to consider. From the intricate garnishes to arranging the flowers, they are critical when it comes to getting the colours, proportions and details perfect for your big day.

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Cake + Costs to Consider

Set Up and Delivery

For cakes which are two-tiers and taller, delivery is a must to allow for on-site touch ups and handing over instructions to kitchen staff. This ranges between $75 to $120 depending on location and size of cake.

Flowers and Customisations:

Transforming your cake into a personalised masterpiece often involves floral arrangements and custom design elements. Flowers can add $130 to $220 to the bill, Personalised cake toppers are $45.00.

Hire: Cake Stand, Cake Knife and Server (Optional)

When it comes to the photos, the added height and having the elegant set of cutlery accentuates the overall look of the cake. The hire items are $45.00 as a set.

For more information on how to stay within budget, read this guide.

Imagine being able to organise a beautiful wedding cake without the hidden costs. Now that you know more about how much a wedding cake costs, you're one step closer to creating the perfect cake for your special day.

Ready to get started on your dream wedding cake? Reach out today to learn more about the wedding cake packages and to book your dream wedding cake!

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