Gothic Glam Wedding Styled Shoot

Draped in shadows and adorned with luxury, this Gothic Glam collaboration is a testament to the enchanting possibilities when creative minds converge. Partnering with the visionary talents of Parties House Perth and the cookie virtuoso, Baked by Belle, we embarked on a journey to breathe life into a hauntingly romantic Halloween concept.

The Style- Parties House Perth's neon lighting, floating witch hats and 8 ft. tall skeleton (Bone Jovi) was very much a source of inspiration for the team. The decorations sparked creative ideas in terms of colour and textures, I created two cakes that would complement them perfectly.

The Cakes - Inspired by the romantic 18th century wedding cakes, matching dark florals with the chocolate skulls were a perfect match for the decorations on the table.

The single tiered cake was created as the Groom's cake. I had fashioned the black winged topper with kraft paper and painstakingly cut and curled each feather.

Every element was crafted to perfection from the delicate intricacies of sugar cookies to the show-stopping tablescape. The result is an immersive experience that marries the macabre with the romantic, offering a unique and unforgettable visual feast. Photographing this killer tablescape was a joy as it was absolutely photogenic.

CREDITS Photographer Gianna Videographer Jadye Planning & Styling Parties House Perth Hire Items & Cake Stands Parties House Perth Cake Cakey Cakes Cookies Baked by Belle Model Bone Jovi