“I feel the greatest connection to friends and family when they all can have a piece of cake and share the moment.”



Hey, I’m Gianna, founder and pastry chef here at Cakey Cakes - an online boutique bakery for those looking to celebrate a special occasion.

I’m from Hong Kong and I’m obsessed with old school Kung Fu movies, really good food, plants and walks by the beach. Most of all though, I love the joy cake brings.

Having started out working in the art and science of building design, I followed my passion (and tastebuds) into hospitality.

How I got here

After completing my chef training just over a decade ago I’ve gone on to work with some of the best chefs in the industry at Nobu and Jamie’s Italian.

However, it was at Rochelle Adnois where I learned to layer and palette my first cake. I’ll never forget the first time I succeeded and my head chef Sandro nodded his approval (proud dad moment!).

As soon as I shared my cake creations on Instagram, I began to get orders. First from friends then from friends of friends who asked me to create cakes and dessert tables for their special occasions.

Very quickly I had a stream of customers…and Cakey Cakes was born.Custom Cake Table

Cakey Cakes Perth

The Cakey Cakes Approach

I believe everyone should be able to say, ‘Yes to the cake’. So, as well as the usual fully loaded cake flavours, I’ve worked hard to refine my recipes to make them fully inclusive. My cakes can be deliciously gluten, egg, nut and dairy-free. I even make the gluten-free flour from scratch.

Through testing, tasting, tinkering, each cake is made from the finest, natural ingredients inspired by your design. My experience with such incredible, talented chefs taught me the value of baking from scratch with seasonal local produce. And I promise there are never any artificial additives or preservatives in my cakes and desserts.

Here’s a selection of my favourite mouth-watering flavours and ingredients
Lemon curd
Almond meal
Monk fruit
Blood orange
Finger lime

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first” Ernestine Ulmer