5 ways to stay within your wedding cake budget

Planning the wedding of your dreams? I understand. You're envisioning a breathtaking wedding cake, but the budget is a concern. Worry not! Here are five strategies for a visual masterpiece on a budget:

Choose a Single or Two Tier Cake

Smaller cakes are easier to transport and display for long periods of time.

Choose from the collection

A design from the collection will indicate the prices including the garnishes. You can see the final cake from the photos.

Dummy Cakes

Whilst the dummy cakes gives you less cake but allows for the grand appearance.

For those opting for a fake cake and a sheet cake to be set aside, be aware that in theory it sounds like it will be affordable but it can actually be closer to cost of the cake being entirely real. Cake dummies still cost money, they still take time to decorate and are taller to transport.

Set a budget for Customisations ($45-$120)

To avoid the costs creeping up, organise a budget for the cake topper, cake stand hire. A little goes a long way for the photographs. It's the extra details that add that personal touch. Bonus tip: your florist may be able to provide the flowers for the cake. It would complement the styling on the day.

Set a Budget for Set up and delivery ($90 -$150)

Wedding venues may require a lot of travelling. These costs cover the set up, handover of the instructions and touch ups onsite.

If organising a budget for each part is too complicated, I’ve created a few wedding packages which includes everything, to choose from below:

Imagine being able to organise a beautiful wedding cake without the hidden costs. Now that you know more about how much a wedding cake costs, you're one step closer to creating the perfect cake for your special day.

Ready to get started on your dream wedding cake? Reach out today to learn more about the wedding cake packages and to book your dream wedding cake!

The cake was beautiful! Not only was the cake itself delicious, the extra instructions were really helpful. The notes and extra touches really made your service special. 

— Jessica W.

Thank you so very much for the absolutely incredible cake!!It was so beautiful, nobody was willing to cut it!The personalisation & detail was next level & you completely blew my expectations out of the water. 

— Lucille

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