The World of Adam 


Presented with the challenge of creating Adam's 30th birthday cake, I brainstormed with Ellie, his wife, to find out more about his hobbies, favourite things and most importantly, his favourite ice cream flavour.

"He likes playing golf, enjoys his wine, watches and computer games.
He also likes the snickers ice cream bars."


I had to admit; that I was a little stumped; All those things together on one cake? But how? The answer sprung to mind; mini-golf!

Adam's favourite things will not only be the garnish to the cake; they would make the obstacles for the mini-golf course.  This would tie the whole thing together! In addition to the cake, Ellie had custom-designed a clay topper to be made of Adam holding a bottle of wine and a wine glass. 

As for the flavour, I created four layers of Vanilla Bean cake, Milk Chocolate Ganache topped with roasted chopped peanuts and dark caramel- a massive nod to Snickers candy bar.

This was my proposed design for Ellie:

Custom Cake

She approved!

In the graphics department, I drew a few details on the bottles and kept the colours consistent with the photos of his favourite wines.

A passion for computer games led me to recreate Adam's favourite gaming headset.

Custom Mini golf Cake

I recreated his favourite watch in proper Dali form to add to the kitschy theme, including Omega's three chronographs.

Custom watch cake

And finally, the puzzle is complete!

Custom mini golf cake