The Story of Ginger Jar

Buttercream Ginger Jar Cake

"I need a cake to celebrate my mother-in-law's completed renovation!"

Whilst quite a unique reason, it's certainly an occasion worth celebrating. Ricardo and Bronnia requested a Ginger Jar themed cake in which I happily obliged.
Originated from the Qin Dynasty (221 BCE- 207 BCE), the ginger jars were used as a vessel to keep salt and spices transport in ships. Over time, they became popular in Europe over the 18th and 19th centuries as decorative features in interior design.

To commemorate the season, I created a vanilla, strawberry and elderflower infused cake. As for the decoration, I used a mixture of natural flowers and piped buttercream flowers both as the ginger jar pattern and for the bouquet on top.
The yellow roses gave me the dynamic height and scent that I struggle to achieve with buttercream flowers. Also, the biggest challenge was achieving that signature blue colour naturally (with blue spirulina) and making sure the flowers on the side didn't fall off because they can get quite heavy!

I particularly enjoyed the moment when Ricardo & Bronnia's family and friends couldn't pick out which flowers were real and which were buttercream.

close up ginger jar flower cake arrangement

Close up view ginger jar cake

Ginger Jar